Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bottles & Burgers!

Hello !

Tonight was our first night of Grub Club @ Bottles & Burgers as Tivoli Village.  It is a modern twist on the old soda joints of the 50's dressed up with flair.  The menu has some hip reinventions of burgers, fries, and drinks galore! 

I very much enjoyed the Fellini Fries with parmesan + truffle aioli + parsley, I ended up ordering a second round they were so delish!.  Next was the Sweet Bacon Bleu Burger containing just about all my favorite things. The burger was exactly to my requested temp, being a spectacular feat  for many places, the portion was large but now overwhelming the toppings did eclipse the actual burger but rather worked as a team for my taste buds. And becasue you can never skip ice cream I split  the cabernet brownie sundae  with my buddy Suzanne. It was topped with two scoops of  their "ice cream of the day" white chocolate ice cream.  And it was good even by SUPER ice cream lover Suzanne.

So for the bottom line the price is more than your normal fast food joint but two can eat for without spending all the popcorn money.

I enjoyed the fun look, the fun inspired flavors and interesting "adult beverage" ideas. This is somewhere I would recommend  and will be returning to to try out other menu items. It is so somewhere I would want to take my mom and she knows burgers!

Below are some pictures. Next time I hope to have better ones. And as I get a better feel for this blogging stuff hopefully it will get better too!  But I am glad how much fun food and friends can be! Thank you gals so much for what I know is the beginning of a fun tradition!

Now I'm going to throw it to my other pals. Suzanne, Rhi, Karla, and Kate. You tell me what you think . For those who did not go with us I hope you join us next time Karla is picking the next Grub spot in February!

arancini      risotto fritters + marscapone cheese + roasted mushroom + white truffle aioli

sweet bacon bleu  certified angus beef + sweet onion marmalade + bleu cheese + arugula + all-nighter roasted tomatoes + applewood bacon

cabernet brownie sundae    
choose two scoops + warm cabernet brownie
+ whipped cream + chocolate shavings + raspberry sauce

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Starting a new tradition!

Hello !

It's 2012 and I am on a mission to visit twelve new restaurants in the next twelve months and bring as many of my friends along with me! My hope is we eat, drink, and are merry! This blog will be a place for us to share our thoughts about where we have been and where we might like to go next.. I cannot wait to see all of you on the 24th at Bottles + Burgers !